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Pinner said.Here is the annotated version of the Common Core Standards for ELA for Grades I hope you find this helpful, as I have worked diligently to m.

Editable Weekly Fiction Reading Records with Comprehension Options SET 2-CCSS

Money system for kids. You do not get paid for chores because it's an expected part of being a family. Allowance is teaching children how to manage money. The chore list doesn't get money but the commission chart does! There are different chores on each.

Letters of Recommendation for College, Scholarships, Awards, Teaching

10 Body Safety Rules

10 Body Safety Rules- so scary that these are things I need to start teaching my kids but the alternative, teaching them nothing and thereby allowing them to become victims, is way worse!

20 Pillow Talk Questions for You and Your Child

20 pillow talk questions to use at bedtime (or in the car or at dinner) to help build your relationship kids

Raising Siblings As Friends

Raising Siblings As Friends. Creating life-long friendships within your family.

Raising Kids Who Genuinely Love Jesus

How do you bring up children to have a sincere and strong faith in Christ? Raising Kids Who Genuinely Love Jesus. Love the one: Our kids are people, not projects.

100 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter- all girls should read this list no matter how old. I want to make a list of my own for the daughter I will have one day. A good read for any woman.

With students living together in dorms and apartments, eating together in cafeterias, and sitting together in classrooms, illnesses and infections can spread easily. Here is a brief guide to common illnesses and what you should do if you get one.

E-cigarette Ads and Youth

Graphic: E-cigarette use among youth is rising as e-cigarette advertising grows

6 Tips for Raising Strong Daughters. Wow okay serious subject in all but this girl is what And I swear she is wearing makeup. That's not how I am raising my daughter. Good article though.