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DIY Faux Agate Coasters - DIY Stocking Stuffers Your Family Members Will Actually Like - Photos

DIY Faux Agate Coasters

DIY Faux Agate Coasters - If you have someone that's a sucker for crystals or geodes, these amazing looking coasters could be just the ticket as a stocking stuffer.From DIY Joy.

i don't know why but this makes me laugh

Funny pictures about Rock That Mustache. Oh, and cool pics about Rock That Mustache. Also, Rock That Mustache photos.

.love vintage bells

Classically adorned with a nautical-style rope, the iron jingle bell can hang from a holiday tree, door knob, or sit modestly until it is called to be rang.

dragonflies...absolutely amazing

absolutely amazing Shape of a heart as they mate!

Calopteryx splendens, another stunner

Like a nanobot from an alien world.only completely natural and from this one!

Damselfly | by Muzby1801

Damselfly by Murray Clarke. A face only a mother could love.

At first glance, I thought I saw a fairy (squint your eyes a little...) dragonfly

Dragonfly after the rain. When I first looked at this I thought the dragonfly was a Fairy!

The Digital Broom Cupboard: t-s-k-b: 全身に宝石を散りばめたような朝露をまとったトンボの写真:カラパイア

damselfly with waterdrop damselflies must get covered in dew quite often. i've seen lots of wet dragon/damsel pix. :) so pretty.