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Love the vibe here. Rustic, simple, weathered, organic, clean with a zip of black and white. Love the understated aluminum components mixed

Could be done way ahead of time, even in the summer.  Stored in the freezer, then placed in a shallow tray or container the night of the event.  Larger ones could be used as luminaries outside to line the entrance path.

make ice bowls with floating candles inside. as the cup melts, the candle will float? or just line the snow walkway outside with ice candle cups

family photos at the wedding reception is always a special and very personal detail.    Guests love seeing pictures of the couple as children and the weddings of parents and grandparents.

Or make your Christmas cards into a wreath - then replace with photos for rest of the year - good idea - DIY Christmas Decorations - Handmade Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas - Country Living


I did this with red and white candles. It turned out super cute for the first stretch of the candles being lit, but once they started melting down and getting shorter, it wasn't as cute and now I just have a little metal bucket full of wax.

J'adore la grille en fer forgé en séparation de pièce

I would love to put a window in a wall like this in my kitchen. Anna Truelsen inredningsstylist: Naturligt & rustikt + Julen sitter i väggarna!