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We all love squirrels; they are cute, furry and funny and they make hilarious memes. So here are a few very funny Squirrel memes to put a smile on your face.


Squirrel With Coffee Cup Bright eyed & bushy tailed <b>coffee</b> loving <b>squirrel</b> by instantt

stare down

just some dogs yo

Get a Blinking Contest funny picture from Dogs. You can get dozens of other funny pictures from Dogs. Here are some samples of funny words: blinking, contest

Now I lay me down to sleep I hid the nuts I found real deep Upon the time when I awaken I pray I find before they're taken. ~Kelli~

HE IS SO SLEEPY….sleeping squirrel :) Never seen one sleep before. A group of squirrels is called a "scurry".


pleatedjeans: “ Every morning my grandmother feeds this squirrel a peanut, so every morning it shows up at her door. This was him today.

Drama Squirrel

oh my god, seriously? can squirrels be pets in the future? just like hamsters and guinea pigs? i love squirrels.

Fill this Big Head Squirrel Feeder with peanuts or corn, then sit back and giggle as squirrels stick their heads up inside for a snack!

Feed AND make fun of squirrels at the same time with this Big Head Squirrel Feeder! The vinyl feeder makes squirrels stick their head up to get to the goodies inside - so grab your camera and snap a photo!