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The SmartBoot helps assess the amount of force put on the foot after an injury.

High-tech boot could speed healing

Ekso Bionics' exoskeleton used to let paraplegics walk (video)

Ekso Bionics' exoskeleton used to let paraplegics walk (video)

Would love to see this @ Dodd Hall! Ekso Bionics' exoskeleton used to let paraplegics walk (video)

Information on spinal cord injuries (SCI), statistics, facts, and more. info graphic, safety, spinal cord injury statistics

Spinal Cord Injury - Infographic Information on spinal cord injuries (SCI), statistics, facts. Probably the worst Injury I've had

Quadriplegia or tetraplegia occurs when paralysis or weakness affects the arms, hands, legs, trunk, pelvic organs, and regions below the level of injury. Take a look at this Chicago home health infographic for more spinal cord injury facts.

National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center estimated that people in the U. were living with spinal cord injurie mobility exercises physical therapy

Robotic legs designed to help disabled people walk, 2009. Not only for severely limited mobility issues but for those people with pain which causes walking to be exceedingly difficult too.

Robotic legs for disabled shown off in Tokyo

A robot suit that can help the elderly or disabled get around was given its global safety certificate in Japan , paving the way for its worldwide rollout

There are no cars or buses to worry about ... Margaretha Bos and her brother take a tour of Hogewey. Photograph: Anita Edridge for the Guard...

The village where people have dementia – and fun

Hogeway dementia village in Holland. Beautiful way of caring for those with dementia and Alzheimer's. If only every care facility were like this.

Tremor, goes through sand, mud, snow or offroad. 3149.00 http://www.spinlife.com/Colours-Tremor-Misc-Sport-Chair/spec.cfm?productID=69828&adv=googlepla&utm_term=TREMOR&mr:trackingCode=B662CAEB-3B14-E011-AD70-001517B188A2&mr:referralID=NA&mr:adType=pla&mr:ad=19525632324&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr:filter=24836803404&origin=pla

In the Colours Tremor all terrain wheelchair not only can you push yourself easily down to the ocean, lake or river but you will be able to move independently freely through any type of sand, mud,.

Artificial skin that can feel touch, warmth, rain. A next step in humanising wearables and prostesis

Scientists develop artificial skin that can feel rain and the touch of a hand

Stretchy Prosthetic Skin Feels Pressure, Temperature txchnologist: “ by Txchnologist staff Researchers in South Korea and the U. have developed what they call a “smart” prosthetic skin embedded with.

RoboHandle Adapted Tool Grip :: arthritis handle grip

RoboHandle Adapted Tool Grip removes the wrist strain usually associated with a sweeping, mopping, raking. Helps decrease wrist strain for people with hand and wrist arthritis. Arthritis handle allows stronger bicep and triceps muscles to be used.