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Duais Sakharov searmanas bronnta ar siúl an 16 Nollaig

Infografik zu Europawahlen: Das müssen Sie vor der Wahl wissen

European Elections Comparison of EU-countries on: - electoral threshold - number of elected MEP's - minimum age candidates - voting age - compulsory vote or not

Quanto ci costa l'evasione fiscale?

Tax evasion cost EU member states trillion in lost revenues a year or for every European.

Infografiikat troikasta: Toimijat ja toimet aikajanalla

Infografiikat troikasta: Toimijat ja toimet aikajanalla

Only one has been approved for cultivation in the EU so far. MON 810 was authorised for cultivation in but this authorisation has now expired and is waiting for renewal. Here's an infographic with 8 things you need to know.

Euroopan parlamentin infografiikat

Euroopan parlamentin infografiikat

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From jobs to migration: the European Commission's 10 priorities