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Seven Humorous Hangover Ads

Why fight oral hygiene - enjoy it! Brush your teeth with Whiskey Tooth Paste & rinse with soda instead of water if you prefer.

HOUSEHOLD: L.W. Kerney & Co. Asbestos Pad for Dining Tables, 1909...seemed like a good idea at the time

HOUSEWARES: L. Kerney & Co. Asbestos Pad for Dining Tables, 1909 - The best pad manufactured, made with asbestos.

Vintage Gay Impressions - GAYTWOGETHER.COM

What the word gay used to mean. Gaytop Table-Topping Vintage Ad, "Make your home Gaytop gay.

Advertising campaigns promoted asbestos as an indestructible ‘magic mineral’. We now know that it is a potent carcinogen

Shocking posters in the 1950s show sexist and racist campaigns

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'TRUTH SERUM': with proof) alcohol content, nary a lie will be heard after a few swigs!

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Soul-Aid, afro-"flesh tone" bandages, "Priced competitively with the pink ones!" Not, Soul Aid?

One vintage ad warns women, "Don't let them call you SKINNY!" while another promises that smoking cigarettes will keep one slender. If the task of morphing their bodies into the current desirable shape isn't enough of a burden, women are also reminded that they stink.

Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads

Ladies he will only kiss you with the right lipstick - Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads

Cigarette smoking whilst pregnant?

Cigarette smoking whilst pregnant?

Cannabis, chloroform, morphine and alcohol -- all together in a delightful combination! Say goodbye to that nasty cough, and -- sweet dreams!

Massengill Company doesn't just make douches, but cough cures And not just with cannabis, but chloroform and morphine to boot.

Antique bottle of “Heroin Hydrochloride” tablets, made by The Bayer Co. LTD. The bottle was hand blown.

antiquateddruggist: “ Antique bottle of “Heroin Hydrochloride” tablets, made by The Bayer Co. The bottle was hand blown.

A 1950s/early 60s period advert for "Methedrine" (a brand name for Methamphetamine), commonly prescribed as a diet pill and antidepressant. While they took it, housewives felt full of alertness and activity for the next 12 hours. Addiction was common. "Genuinely brighter outlook": yeah, until the crash came and their bodies screamed for the next pill.

Crystal Meth will make you a happier person, apparently. and grandma says we have a drugs problem today , this freaky advert proves it is just that she can't remember what odd stuff she did in the bizarre products of yesteryear