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Tom Hiddleston

Black&White Hiddles <<this shot is my favourite! So much emotion in his eyes!

as Coriolanus... I SERIOUSLY need to see this!! Just need to find out how!

I can’t quit you. Especially with the Coriolanus body… OMG YES! That Coriolanus body was to die for ! All those push ups…plz excuse me, I just need a moment(weeps uncontrollably) I’m weeping for that body… I want it back.

Tom Hiddleston as a very young Randolph Churchill in The Gathering Storm

Marvel CU Daily on

Tom in The Gathering Storm Ohh my goodness! He would've been yrs (notice teeth---prior to improvements. Like there's really ANYTHING Tom would need to improve.

Tom you have no idea what those eyes do. Those eyes

Tom Hiddleston Photo - "The Avengers" Premiere, Closing Night Of The Tribeca Film Festival Sponsored By Bombay Sapphire

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