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Harry Styles @molly omg. molly he looks s good here. but im all niall. "its always gonna be niall."

harry styles imagine Harry at ur guy's wedding while ur dad walks behind him to keep an eye on his little girl as some would say!

Then I feel bad for those people who look like me!

LOL For real ! And we WILL find you ! Because we're Directioners! If we can find the boys' blood types, we can find you boys.) WE GON FIND YOU

Why are you so beautiful your not even doing anything

Read The night of her life from the story One Glance {Niall Horan} by _hai_w (Gingy) with 263 reads. onedirection, one, niallhoran. Niall's P.

hahaha :) at least the interviewer did their research, unlike many others...

All of their faces HAHAHAHAHAHA its more funny when you keep looking at it omg

Harry seen shooting a music video in Midtown, NYC.05.12.2012 ... Via @1DUpdatesChile

Harry seen shooting a music video in Midtown,

Harry Styles

After All These Years - A Harry Styles Fanfiction - After All These Years - A Harry Styles Fanfiction - Chapter 1

British Irish boy band One Direction fame artist Cute Harry Styles Pics, harry styles news, harry style images and lots more on his life.

Niall Horan...I think I've pinned this before...but he's just soooo hot in this pic!

Is Niall Horan your favorite member of One Direction? If so you may be interested in these Niall Horan facts. Niall Horan is the Irish member. Niall Horan Niall Horan Niall Horan One Direction One Direction One Direction

Harry styles

"But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you, Not even close Not even a little bit, Not even at all." Darn you, Harry Styles.

@Amelia Rosales Sánchez Reiher <3 Hey Goodlooking <3

Srsly harry should just be a baseball player because on stage he is always hitting air with his microphone <<< Baseball players are hot <<< Harry Styles is hot <<< Harry Styles will be a super hot baseball player.

that cute little smirk (gif)

One Direction's Harry Styles is a cassanova for sure! His hair, those dimples ,that grin has many at girl after Harry! Harry has been after a few also. But Harry was caught by surprise when his step dad finds Harry in bed with a girl!