My mom tried to enforce this rule the other day, although since we were listening to the radio there was no choice in music anyway. I love my mom ♥️

Sam Winchester - Which 'Supernatural' Character Are You? - Zimbio

Which 'Supernatural' Character Are You?

I took Zimbio's 'Supernatural' quiz and I'm Sam Winchester! I am Sam. Sam, I am :D


Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki aka the most beautiful friendship to ever exist ;

Hahahahaha!!! Supernatural has all the references even about themselves, but that's funny that another show made a reference to them

When supernatural references supernatural. Psych is so funny haha :D

It's not our fault, they only show like three different rituals consistently throughout the show.

"'I mean it's crazy! We finish each other's' 'Satanic rituals'" *relevant Supernatural gif*

Fuck, I'm Sam. No wonder he's my least favorite.

Supernatural - Personality Quiz <<< I GOT BOBBY! All y'all idjits have to listen to me now!


29 reasons why Castiel is everyone's favorite. So funny! And true :)

I took Zimbio's 'Supernatural' quiz and I'm Castiel! Who are you?

I took Zimbio's 'Supernatural' quiz and I'm Castiel! Who are you?

Cas needed something to calm his nerves after hearing Dean go on and on about how terrifying flying is.

CAS- someone wrote a song called trench coat angel and the guy who wrote it said nothing about Supernatural. Look it up trench coat angel by Tyler Ward

there are hundreds of ways to say i love you, you just gotta listen #spn #destiel

"I got too close to the humans in my charge-- No, if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would be you.

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