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'' What is Wrong with This Paula Deen Picture '' My personal guess : her creepy smile while using a cleaver ?


Eyebrows can make such a huge difference to your look. Take a look at this famous example. It is all about the brows! Offering Permanent makeup Sussex we are there to ensure you look your best all of the time!

Oh yea, ugly cry face!

thought I was the only one annoyed by her cry face!---me and rj make a comment everytime she cries

The dude, the prophet

"Yeah well, you know. That's just like, your opinion, man" - thus quotes "The Dude"

It’s Thirsty Thursday - GiantGag

Turn that PBR into Michelob Ultra, and you've got Thursday Night Hockey with the ladies . fast forward about 30 years.

People who brush-off, dismiss, ignore, and act condescending about my limitations and the fact that I have CFIDS, gastroparesis, and chronic adult epstein barr syndrome and AM INDEED S-I-C-K....! X-{

Thank you for making me so angry that every time I open my mouth it appears that I have Tourette's Syndrome.

༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺ You Eat Ass But You Don't Drink Tap Water ༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺

༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺ You Eat Ass But You Don't Drink Tap Water ༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺

Vintage tips for women

I guess my husband didn't know the rules because I broke a lot of them and he still married me :^) 1938 Dating Guide For Single Women -- don't sit in awkward positions, consider wearing a brassiere, etc.

Everything I like is either immoral, indecent or fattening

Everything I like is either Immoral, Indecent or Fattening funny quote art pinup likes pinup art immoral indecent fattening

Nick Cage sez: "You're my national treasure."

Every year we post several geeky valentines before Valentine’s Day. The tradition continues with this year’s top 40 picks.

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