Character: Frank Trevor Longbottom II ~ Actor: Jake Abel ~ DOB: of January, 2002 ~ Hair: Dirty Blonde ~ Eyes: Blue ~ Sibling(s): Alice and Augusta ~ Parents: Neville Longbottom & Hannah Abbott ~ House: Hufflepuff ~ Blood Status: Halfblood

Jake Abel as Nate Gray from The Infernal Devices

Jake Abel Actor Jacob Allen "Jake" Abel (born November is an American actor who was.

Possible reference for Mr. Obsidian? Not sure how Nate imagines him, but I think he^ looks like Nate a little :3

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Read Jake Abel from the story Need Actors and Actresses for your stories?Name: Jake Abel Age: 27

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Mr. Blonde (Reservoir Dogs) I still think of the ear scene every time I hear "Stuck In The Middle"

The 30 Most Stylish Male Movie Characters

Mr Blonde (Resevoir Dogs) - Sadism, savagery and selfishness never looked so cool.