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Gomer Pyle-USMC with Jim Nabors, a spin-off from The Andy Griffith Show.

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Hazel is a Screen Gems TV series about a fictional live-in maid named Hazel Burke (Shirley Booth) and her employers, the Baxters. The five-season, series aired in primetime from September 1961 until April

Marcus Welby, M.D.  The best!  Especially with heart-throb, James Brolin, who played the role of Steve Kiley, the associate doctor/intern... Oh my stars!! (or should that comment be served for Bewitched?)

Marcus Welby, M.: A medical drama series that aired from 1969 to 1976 that starred Robert Young as family practitioner, Marcus Welby, whose thoroughness and dedication involved him in the lives of all sorts of patients.

Fun & Free SAT Practice: Words Starting with J

Fun & Free SAT Practice: Words Starting with J

"Here's a story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. What's NOT to love about The Brady Bunch? Growing up it was must-watch-telly for Gen X Aussie kids.


The Munsters Television Show Documentary. the munsters. the munsters the munsters munsters munsters munsters # the munsters # the munsters mun.

Pippi Longstocking, aka Pippalotta Delicatessa Windowshade, Mackeral Mint, Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking.

Pippi Langkous - Inger Nilsson (born in is a Swedish actress. She started her career 9 years old, when playing the main role in the tv-series based on Astrid Lindgren's famous children's books about Pippi Longstocking. - loved Pippi when I was a child.

All In The Family #6 Rated TV Show

January 12 – The landmark television sitcom All In The Family, starring Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker, debuts on CBS.

Sgt Bilko with Phill Silvers. Watched the re-runs as a kid.

Happy Birthday, Phil Silvers: From Burlesque and Blinky to Bilko and Beyond

The Flying Nun (1967-70)  - Sally Field

The Flying Nun - Sally Field - TV show that we watched. We were in awe at how they got her to fly.

Hawaii Five-O - The original series.

Launched in the Classic TV Database is dedicated to the best TV shows to air on primetime television since We have carefully curated a sel.

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The cast of the popular tv series,The Addams Family.Wallpaper and background photos of The Addams Family Cast for fans of Classic Television Revisited images.

Bandstand began as a local program on WFIL-TV (now WPVI), Channel 6 in Philadelphia on October 7, 1952. Then it was hosted by Bob Horn.On July 9 of 1956 the show got a new host, a clean-cut 26 year old named Dick Clark. Airing it's first national show on August 5, 1957.

RIP Dick Clark & American Bandstand - I watched this every Saturday morning