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A bunch of burn outs.

Jim Gaffigan is the best! "Have you tried the hot pocket hot pocket? It's a hot pocket filled with a hot pocket. Tastes just like a hot pocket.

I haven't laughed this hard all week. (Charlie says, "I'd hate to see what would happen if he chose Spock.")

Chuck Norris doesn't loose at rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors looses to Chuck Norris.


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Every time. I forget about the blast of heat and drop my head to look into the oven and get surprised.

That missing phone feeling: | The 23 Absolute Worst Feelings In The World

The 23 Absolute Worst Feelings In The World

The 23 Absolute Worst Feelings In The World I was literally lmao 😂😂

Or this one: | 26 Things Every Teenager Experienced While Growing Up

Or this one:

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i think I look cute, then I go home and look in the mirror and do the same thing and I look like a crying baby horse

Sooo this is happening. swiped from

How Are People Like Refrigerators?

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"When you tell your mans all the tea 'cause he your best friend too."

21 Memes Your Boyfriend Needs To See Right Now

“How do people have relationship after relationship when I can't find a single person to find me even remotely attractive for a solid second”