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The LINX effect ? ( New advert for that brand of DEERoderant - oh no -It's the DEER that this Linx is chasing !

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Kingdom: Animalia // Phylum: Chordata // Class: Mammalia // Order: Carnivora // Family: Felidae // Genus: Acinonyx // Species: A.

One of the hardest animals to spot in the wild - The Snow Leopard

The Clouded Snow Leopard; One of the Most Difficult Animals to Spot in the Wild.

~~On the Approach ~ snow leopard by Chikrata~~

A Clouded Snow Leopard Immediately Goes on the Prowl When Spotting Prey.

Mountain LionbyCapn Kroaker

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Hermoso puma ☆☆☆☆

Hmn there he is. Took a path - on return - cat spoor and huge tracks - gun was in car.

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion in Minnesota (Puma concolor) native to North America

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Dog and Cat Food Macronutrients: Protein Part Both dogs and cats were meant to eat diets high in animal proteins (and fat). This is because they are both carnivorous and their bodies require nutrition from animal flesh.