Mirai Nikki everybody

Mirai Nikki everybody - What the frack even was this scene.what the frack…

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I wonder if she's just really pissed. just want show of her knife collection. Or it's just a normal Yandere greeting.

Golden Time || Banri and Yana || Probably the most iconic scene in this anime~

What anime is this? I need to see this like yesterday! I have physically died! So funny :'D: anime: golden time

Future Diary fandom appears...

XD that is fucked up. But yuno it wasnt that much of a stalker was she? Well here I go seing that anime again to discover

Senji Kiyomasa, Deadman Wonderland. I absolutely LOVE this opening. Have the intro song on my playlist.

Senji - Deadman Wonderland // how i felt when i watched the opening , this op is so cool and the song is amazing - go check it out !