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Lars-Erik Fisk created this way cool VW Sphere that has a steering wheel and rolls. He also made a John Deere and UPS ball as well. This design is out of the box for sure!

short VW Bus! ..."I had to improvise cause I couldn't afford a Toyota four wheel drive"

short VW Bus - You know, in case you only want to go on a short road trip!

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Worlds biggest bus (Australia). Wish I had seen one while we were vacationing in Australia!

way too weird~~!  engine would have to really be substantial!

We can’t describe this contraption any better than the folks at Do It Yourself RV have: “What do you get when you cross a VW and fifth wheel? A VW van-fifth wheel-stretch-limo-beach-cruiser.

Beetle Sphere is a sculptural composite of five Volkswagen Beetles compressed into one spherical ball by Indonesian artist, Ichwan Noor.

VW Beetles Compressed into Circular Balls and Cubes

Ichwan Noor – Beetle Sphere An Actual 1953 VW Beetle Formed into a Perfect Sphere currently on show at Art Basel Hong Kong. Created by Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor.

Who are we to say no to a little interracial bug love?

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please lord give me this side cart <3

A Vespa scooter with VW campervan sidecar! I've always wanted to ride in a sidecar, and LOVE VW buses!

VW Van...ours was this color "Sierra Yellow" I think it was. 1971 model. Learned to drive in this car. Stick shift. No A/C. How sad is that?

Officially called the 'Volkswagen Type the roomy VW bus/van can make you feel like going on a long road trip, camping and beach bumming the entire way. Although it's a famous icon for hippies and surfers, it's really a nostalgic vehicle for everyone.