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Let them eat cake

Shabby Chic Vintage Hombre Let Them Eat Cake Table Sign Girls First Birthday Party Baby or Bridal Shower Wedding Digital Typography Pink

"I'm starting to see that maybe some people are only in your life for a season to help you grow, some for a lifetime. Some of these people teach you hard lessons, born out of mistakes. Others were put in your life to point you in the right direction and to motivate you. Others are there to hold you hand through the hard times."  angelaparmer.blogspot.com

in these bodies, we will live. in these bodies, we will die.where you invest your love, you invest your life. - mumford and sons, awake my soul

Carpe di

people say carpe diem like they know what it means. you can't seize the day until those words become blood, running through your veins.

I loved you first (A Justin Bieber & Harry Styles fanfiction) - Chapter 7 - Σελίδα 1 - Wattpad

I loved you first (A Justin Bieber & Harry Styles fanfiction) - Chapter 7

Quote inspiration for collection simply remember my favorite things, Sound of Music". When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry.

Live Love and Bake Cupcakes  8x10  The Tiffany Special by UUPP, $20.00---new art print #1

Live Love and Bake Cupcakes, Cupcake Art, Kitchen Art, Cupcake Gift

2 colour print

(awesome print by Popcorny , we have this on our wall!) Right, so this post is kind of an extension of my 'Self-Employment Update: Six.

Cake - Breakfast of Champions #CakePosters #ABeginnersGuideToSalad #CakeForBreakfast

Cake - Breakfast of Champions by Alexandra Snowdon, for mom's new kitchen (use "cheesecake" instead!

"Breathe in Peace, Breath out Love" or breath in "so" and breath out "hum" for your meditation time.