Well great, I just was crying from reading a part of one of the Infernal devices books then I saw this and the crying just continued 😂

Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I hope that the series, Shadowhunters: the mortal instruments, comes to the point where they need Sebastian/Jonathan, and that they choose Conor Mclain.

Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern an amazing human/angelic/demonic being who I may or may not be completely in love with . Who am I kidding love is an understatement .

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mortal instruments headcanons<<Well, it could have been worse--it could have been a huge duck painted above him on the celling.

It's kind of heartfelt though, to see those families impact the shadow world again.

Everyones making cool theories about the paint, but tbh I think he does it to make it look like he has a jawline

Dark Tyler light Tyler little ball of sound happy Tyler rock Tyler it's called ukulele screamo and it's art

City of Glass. ~ This is my favorite part!!!! I love it soo much. :)) ♥

I LOVE Magnus Bane. I must have put the book down and laughed for far longer than I should have at this part!<<<Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brookland

For the bloodline

Jace Herondale // Clary Fray // Clace // Kids // The Mortal Instruments // TMI--------------- I dare Jace to save his bloodline!