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I throw my hands in the air sometimes singing ayo im a lego! Lego man gets his grove on!

Teletubbies. Tellitubbies is a little kid show. this used to be one of my favorite little kid show right next to the boobahs. my sisters cousins and i used to watch them a lot when my mom used to babysit us all. we used to print out pictures of them and color them also. the purple one was my favorite tellitubbie. when we were little we picked out which one we wanted to be. i always thought the sun in the show was scary because it was a baby face.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. The Teletubbies are returning to television over ten years since the last episodes were produced. The BBC announced Fri

Cuando no entiendas lo que alguien te está diciendo... (subjuntivo) - I´m not sure if this is the best advice for foreign language students, but it is sure to get a laugh. Perhaps it could be an opener for a discussion of things we can do when we don´t understand. Check out www.estudiafeliz.wordpress.com for other fun materials for Spanish teachers and students.

Cuando no entiendas lo que alguien te está diciendo… (subjuntivo)

Happy face baby photo with a caption: I have a surprise for you. It's poop. Are you tired of cleaning after your sweetie or you enjoy dong it?

shit never works


Kraft has been making mac & cheese for how long now? Since 1937 (yep, I just Wikipedia'd it). that's plenty of time for them to invent a true easy-open box. You sit on a throne of lies!

Has this been done before

I'm not quite sure why this is so funny to me right now. I mean I love Little Mermaid like whoa and Kelso is my favorite but I should NOT be laughing this hard.

No Soliciting

No Soliciting sign. Soooo need to make this. Our sign that says "no soliciting" clearly isn't enough because people knock on the door daily.


Haha so true cuz I haven't seen Ted but I've seen Channing tatum strip.errr, I mean Magic Mike, lol.


Funny pictures about Depressed lemur. Oh, and cool pics about Depressed lemur. Also, Depressed lemur.

He's so cute!

rock a bye baby Yeah, now that you think about it.who writes little kid songs?


Funny pictures about Save energy. Oh, and cool pics about Save energy. Also, Save energy photos.