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An altar is an ever-changing, constantly evolving sacred space. It can be as small as a matchbox or it can fill up an entire room. Your altar is a place where you can centre yourself, meditate, work magic, or prepare yourself for the day. In short, your altar can be whatever you want to be.…

Beautiful altar for Dias De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) to celebrate loved ones who have passed.

.I like the tray of candles...  Look up.. at the deep blue ceiling!

I love how the dark blue ceiling makes this room feel like it is outdoors. I just love the dark blue ceiling and wall color.

Look at that tile! !

Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Talavera factory in Puebla, Mexico


Red Patterned Daybed and Cushion and Potted Plants on Moroccan style Balcony Eclectic Boho Chic Balcony Decor Ideas with 25 Photos ho.

Frieda Nicho. I am intrigued with the tilted side edges.....

I like happy assemblage not so fond of that dark freaky stuff

Elena Carozzi and The Art of Wallpaper

Boho Decor Bliss ⍕⋼ bright gypsy color & hippie bohemian mixed pattern home decorating ideas - Elena Carozzi Elle Deco UK

grafitti bed

dyingofcute: diy wall art for the bedroom -- black and white / monochromatic look in a bedroom!

persephone by julie liger-belair. http://julieligerbelair.com/artwork/2286174_persephone.html

persephone by julie liger-belair. http://julieligerbelair.com/artwork/2286174_persephone.html