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Stämplad krympplast – Clear stamps on shrink plastic | Craft & Creativity – Pyssel & DIY

DIY Stamping on Shrink Plastic Tutorial from Craft and Creativity. For more shrink plastic DIYs from pinwheels to paper airplanes to speech .

Berlocker av krympplast – Shrink plastic charms | Craft & Creativity – Pyssel & DIY

Shrink plastic charms // Craft & creativity// kids' artwork on shrink…

Shrink Plastic Jewelry - by Craft & Creativity

Shrink Plastic Jewelry - endless possibilities for faux cross stitch pictures on jewellery

I have been playing with shrink plastic since my smallest received a space themed pack last Christmas, at first I though it was a bit tacky ...

coo and co: Shrink plastic brooch tutorial - wonder what would happen if I scored the plastic to make wings

Use number 6 plastic to make shrinky dinks...could be a possible neckerchief slide project.

Excellent DIY tutorial on how to make your own shrink plastic (a. Shrinky Dink) from recycled plastic food takeout containers. Great way to make your own inexpensive jewelry (i. Cheap kids craft too.

These are Plastic Tags you make in your oven...They seem easy enough. They would add character to any bracelet or necklace

Tutorial- Customised Plastic Tags

Tutorial: customized plastic tags with shrink plastic {awesome little accessorizing idea for crocheted handbags, edging on a scarf,

How to Make Shrink Film Earrings @savedbyloves #jewelrymaking #DIY #mothersday

How to Make Shrink Film Earrings - I once knew a teenager who used to make these and window or tile decals with waxed drawing paper stencils she made form colouring in kids books and ordinary household food cling wrap.