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Explore inspirational, rare and mystical Rumi quotes. Here are the 100 greatest Rumi quotations on love, transformation, existence and the universe.

Star wars.....it could happen

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For my sister's <3

Prayer for sisters I pray for her healing.but I no longer have a relationship with her because of how she behaves. I realized I needed away from her & our mother.they are 2 peas in a pod of narcissistic abuse

Funded by Patreon Thank you for your support on this everyone! I’m especially happy with the clothes on this one. I also wanted to put in her bear in the back ground, but I could tell there j...

Adventuring is Magic! Applejack the Warrior.Ever since I started this project, I was unsure of how to handle Applejack. There were a ton of idea and suggestions, but nothing ever quite clicked.

Tivadu Sketch Page by Nightrizer

Thank you for commissioning me! Character © Tivadu Art © Nightrizer Tivadu Sketch Page

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Soul of the Wolf - Hunting for zombies

A commission for featuring their paranormal investigator wolf, Bronx, looking for some spooky stuf.

Romans 8:31 graphic | If God is for us, who can ever be against us?

7 Bible Verses for Strength & Comfort

Silence the Lies Bookmark:  "God Says:"  Scripture to combat the lies we all hear.  #crashthechatterbox

Silence the Lies Bookmark: "God Says:" Scripture to combat the lies we all hear.