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Trying to balance a snow flake! Irish Setters are soooo beautiful and sweet!

German Shorthaired Pointer- I love pointers! They are vastly underrepresented on the board. #germanshorthairedpointer

German Shorthaired Pointer - Smart Friendly

German Shorthaired Pointer- I love pointers! They are vastly underrepresented on the board. #germanshorthairedpointer

atlantilush | tumblr

Not a golden, but a distant relative - Irish Setter has those same soulful eyes Beautiful, but not too bright unfortunately. My setter had a heart of gold, but couldn't concentrate much more than a blink of an eye.

Sleeping Corgis

corkidorki: Counting with Corgis This is old, but it gets me every time. All children should learn to count to 6 using this method. Corgi counting photos were taken by Sirowan, Goro’s corgdaddy.


reminds me of Amos.

Irish Setter -- Lovable, loyal, but kinda flaky.

Cute redhead -Irish Setter - Reminds me of "Old Red" my childhood neighborhood doggy, I miss you Red!

Beautiful lighting on this Irish Setter.

Irish Setter beautiful dog and a good frame of the picture.

Max - Cocker Spaniel by Effex Photography*

Irish Setter ~ Classic Look

10 Minutes With Animal Communicator Bianca de Reus

Puppies Galore

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Regaring Politics: Youve got your cats on one side and your dogs on the other; someone has to walk the fence and feed the animals. Kinky Friedman - Ray Palla SIMPLE TRIPLE STANDARD -photo credit to the owner

Reminds me of Rusty. Bless his soul. src

Doggie portrait (Looks a mix of Golden Retriever and Irish Setter)

A stunning Irish Setter. You don't see them very often anymore.

A stunning Irish Setter.(I miss you Snoopy.

Cocker Spaniel Dog

Nothing like that Irish Setter puppy face!

Boykin Spaniel Puppies

Boykin Spaniel Puppies

All tucked in

If I could wake up next to this every day I don't think I could ever have a bad day. We are getting a new golden retriever puppy on Thursday and I can't wait to wake up to this!