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Pisces Ok now I understand why I never can find my keys. It's because I was born in march! Scatterbrained not my fault!<<<< and then there's that kind of Pisces. I'm Febuary and not as a scatterbrain.

Pisces ະ۰Ṗ!sCesꑑwoMaṆ۰ະ

While I don't believe in Zodiacs and horoscopes.this is my sign.and I have been told I have an old soul.I always tell people I am an old soul

So true..

True, sometimes I don't even realize it! Such a weakness bc I don't want to be that way.

The Pisces Girl.....all true...except the beautiful on the outside part.(for me)....lol

The Pisces Girl. The Pisces girl Im trying to know, I'd say this is right on.


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