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‘Storage Wars’ Sued, Fired Cast Member Calls Show a ‘Fraud’

Me ... in 30 yrs

i hope this is my bff and i in 50 years w wine cuz she dont drink beer :)

#SteakandBJDay is coming soon. Here are some bomb tips for the perfect #SteakAndABJDay Tips, Techniques & Recipes http://bitchyandbeautiful.blogspot.com/2013/03/march-14th-steak-bj-day.html?zx=6fd3c8c333aae1a4 … …

Steak & Blowjob Day: It might not have as much traction as Valentine's day, but men definitely like this holiday more. forget the hearts and flowers ladies, men don't need anything too fancy. Let him know you care with steak and a blowjob.

Have you ever wanted to join Bill Nye the Science Guy on a cosmic adventure? Using the funding platform Kickstarter, Nye is raisin

Edgar Allan Poe

Funny pictures about Edgar Allan Bro. Oh, and cool pics about Edgar Allan Bro. Also, Edgar Allan Bro photos.

Boondock Saints

like if you have seen this movie, and can recite the prayer without reading it off of anything, fun fact, i have a poster of the prayer boondock Saints Prayer Awesome Movie

The 10 Teenage Commandments

The 10 Teenage Commandments from chey-anne

Buster/ Arrested Development. One of the best quotes ever from this show!

Byron “Buster” Bluthe -- the Overly Educated, Antisocial One Do You Work with a Bluth?