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I couldn't get away with this bcs my mom knows about bts XD

Lmao I'm so dead with seeing Jimin obsess over Jungkook all the die  where does that trope come from?

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I'm just thinking about the opening to no more dream

xD shiet just got real

Being Bipolar and a Cute nice girl, It's hard. {Y/n}'s a Kind girl w… Fanfiction

I can relate he most to Begin, Lie, and Stigma. The people with me for Begin were BTS themselves, even though I don't know them. Lie is the exact thing I've gone through since I started Pre-K, and it's still happening. And Stigma is also me for BTS. I wish I could just send them reassurances, but that's not possible...

Not to mention Century Girls which empowers women and tells them to believe that they are strong! Bts makes lots of meaningful songs and that is a huge part of why I love them.

This happened...Vic Fuentes :)

My mom did ask me about band members today too haha. Pearl Purdy we should make a power point :p jk