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I couldn't get away with this bcs my mom knows about bts XD

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Tbh I've never done that, I just let my ears bleed while I enjoy his bright personality ❤


I'm not surprised that they gave him the dad joke line.

Is it bad that I actually started laughing

Is it bad that I actually started laughing<<<no I laughed too

Es algo tan cierto que

El niñero de un bobo (Yoonmin). - ¿QUE NO HABRA VHOPE?

Es algo tan cierto que

I just chocked because this is so true

He actually did eat paper backstage at Countdown and the only thing I remember thinking is "this cute little shit"

#BTS Actually me, Jamie you know

If someone says "they call me" I'm so going to say baepsae just to see how they react

Ah. I've been institutionalized for 3 years now. And I love it.

Idk how I stan BTS but without them I would be as hyper and excited as I am today

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2019 seems so far away while I know it's already 2018 😞

☆~Sometime We Are Like Stars. We Fall So Someone's Wish Can Come True. ~ ☆

Haha I was honestly getting tired of these types of pins but this one I had to pin lmao xD

I'm yoongi whenever my english speaking relatives come in my country.

Also Yoongi: gets insulted by Namjoon insinuating they have no idea what’s going on and breaks out all his English skills