I feel like te whole I want to win u thing is just a way of trying for senpi to notice you

RinHaru Comic - Secret pt2 by Sakura-Rose12 on DeviantArt

Short comic from a scene that I had in my head, when their romantic relationships starts. it was just an excuse to draw them kissing COMMENTS DISABLED B.

I don't ship them, but I thought this was just too hilarious!!

"I only sleep free" . Based upon episode 12 where Haru and Rin have to share a bed since there is only a double bed available . <<<I don't ship it but I laughed really hard

The questions were asking about who confessed first, and it looks like Haru did. uwu ask-mermen-rinharu.tumblr.com/

Who confessed first? (note: Haru has no gilles so he needs to come up for air)…