Patrick Swayze As Johnny Castle In Dirty Dancing "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Love this movie

Patrick Swayze And His Brother | Has a brother who is an actor, named Don Swayze . Who KNEW?!? Don you ...

Patrick and Don Swayze _____________________________Patrick born August 1952 - died September 2009 ___________ Don born August 1958 and still acting.

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Patrick Swayze - Album du fan-club

Patrick Swayze dirty dancing and overboard a couple of my favorite movies!

Point Break (1991) - Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves

15 Extreme, Spiritually Enlightening Facts about Point Break (some great Point Break trivia)

Patrick Swayze, Patrick O'brian, Hair, Style, Whoville Hair, Swag, California Hair

"North and South" Patrick Swayze

I love this picture. Patrick Swayze as Orry main in North and South