Crazy Friends If you have crazy friends, you have everything! -: If you have crazy friends, you have everything!

What precious does my textbooks were her favorite

Puzzles and cats don't mix! And I think the cats and dogs are in cahoots. The cat bats the puzzle pieces onto the floor so that the dogs can eat them.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 50 Pics

I don't know if anyone else finds these retarded little pictures/captions funny, maybe just me in my over-tired state of being, but this really made me laugh. the kitten is so cute! did I mention I love food?

All of them

Yes I do need them all

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Funny GIFS Archives

A funny animated GIF showing three cute little kittens that are trying to catch a shadow that their owner is making on the wall.

The kitty is having it out with the post. I think that the post might be winning. LOL

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Doggie window seat love how their colorings match . orange and white tabby cat sitting on napping golden retriever