Aaaannnnddd I'm dead.-----> BEAUTIFUL BOY you *voice cracks* ruined my lifE but idc i just love you so much *sobs violently in a cave and gets stabbed by a walrus with an icicle*

Ok, that is a ridiculously good pic of Niall. Good golly boy!! And people don't think he's attractive...are they BLIND?!?

Not a 1 direction fan. But, that is a ridiculously good pic of Niall. And people don't think he's attractive.are they BLIND?

I think he's grown significantly since this. He was probably 5'10 fish or so here. I'd say he's about 5'12 and 1/2 now. Just a thought.

Fetus Niall messes with my heart, mk?

He's such a cutie

The iCarly cast said that Niall’s laugh is annoying… Awkward moment when Niall’s laugh is funnier than the actual show.<<<<< I hate Icarly because of that! His laugh is so adorable! I ❤️ niall!

Wow!! I only need 2 more followers until I have 200 followers!! You guys are truly amazing! Massive thank you to every one of my beautiful followers!!

Louis wearing a Harry shirt!

Nialler. This is my fave pic of him. He's so perfect.

I love this picture so much. His smile is so perfect. He is so perfect.

I'm just so done with my friends... She won't stop laughing at One Direction saying they're gay. I'm just effing done

I am such a Niall girl :)

(GIF) Niall, being cute as ever. :D...looks like he is going through all the meals he ate that day...I love him so much, he is so cute <3 Adorable. Gorgeous, beautiful <3 He is perfect

(GIF) Niall, being cute as ever.looks like he is going through all the meals he ate that day. Gorgeous, beautiful He is perfect

Oh my good graciousssss..... *fetal position of happiness* so much beauty

My heart just skipped a beat! God I freaking love Niall! He's a babe(;

it' <3

Lln (Laugh Like Niall) or lnl (love Niall's laugh)

He's so cute aw. I don't even care that I've pinned this before,  one cannot simply pin Niall's cute face to much

Nialls eyes are prettier than half of my school

One Direction Cute facts. OMG so I JUST had a 1D poster on my wall then it fell. Right as I went over to pick it up it VANISHED. I swear I can't find it ANYWHERE. Gonna blame lord faptaguise.

this might take the cake for my favorite quotes by the one and only Niall James Horan

haha ohh Hazza ! <3

HAHAHAHAHA😂 I hope this is true oh gosh I hope with all my heart this is true

When he comes back from Ireland his accent is a crisp and thick and wow!!!!

Most adorable Irish accent ❤


come save me super niall

I love this pic of him

I have butterflies.