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Empetrum nigrum Kansanomaiselta nimeltään  variksenmarja tunnetaan myös karhunmarjana, joka voi kuitenkin tarkoittaa myös sudenmarjaa. Sen lisäksi sitä kutsutaan joskus tunturimustikaksi.

You can't possible go hungry even being lost in our forests (sakhalin)

Go Tropical...summer project

What Should I Plant Together?

You don't need to live near the equator to enjoy the beauty of tropical plants. As long as the temperatures are hot and humid, tropical plants will reward you with colorful foliage and flowers all summer long. This grouping includes Alocasia, coleus, impa

BeautyFul Flowers: black flowers walpapers

The Black lily (Fritillaria camschatcensis) is a species native to northeastern and western North America from Alaska to Oregon. It has many common names, typically Kamchatka fritillary, Kamchatka lily or the chocolate lily

Black Phlomis melanantha

Black Phlomis melanantha - 1 flowering root Paeonia Arisaema Lilium

Black Phlomis melanantha


PlantFiles Pictures: Round Pricklyhead Poppy 'Single Black' (Papaver hybridum) by Kell