Sauna/bathroom by VSB Wellness

Custom-made bathroom - by VSB Wellness- including wellness (sauna-infrared)


Who wants to create a real oasis of well-being in your own four walls, you can schedule a bathroom with sauna. Sauna lovers would be excited by this idea,

Wohnhaus Stallwang: Offene Dusche

Wohnhaus Stallwang: Offene Dusche - love the tile & that the flooring is also on the ceiling

modern bathroom

simple lines of counters and benches, use of glass, simple materials, warm lighting

An Ofuro Soaking Tub And Shower Combination For A Japanese Japanese Soaking Tub Shower Combo Fascinating Japanese Tubs Bathroom Japanese Bath White.

Pinterest: KaliyahParson ♡ #luxurybathrooms

Pinterest: KaliyahParson ♡ #luxurybathrooms