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Equine Metabolic Syndrome - Many horses considered "easy keepers" actually have equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), a serious metabolic and hormonal disorder. Learn the risks of EMS and get management and treatment tips in this easy-to-follow visual guide. Brought to you by TheHorse.com and @Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc.. #infographic #metabolicsyndrome #horses

Infographic: Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

Infographic: Healthy Coats

Infographic: Healthy Coats

A glossy hair coat is a sure sign of horse health. Discover the steps to bringing out the best in your horse's coat in this new brought to you by Kinetic Vet.

English Shire Horse

English Shire horse: In Medieval times, when personal armor was heavy, they were bred as war horses. Today, like Clydesdales in the US, the Shire is more famous in publicity for hauling branded beer wagons.

A little bit of early morning sass!

I always wanted to own a Palomino. This was the horse of my dreams. And know i got a palomino, she is a girl and she is my best friend. And the thing what we to together is Bariller rasising!

.Black Horse.

Shop at Hains Clearance HainsClearance dot com for great savings. Beauty This is one of my favorite angles for horse photography!

Shetland Pony Wallpaper

My Future Shetland Pony Hank. I plan on having a mini herd Hank being the leader of course.

Cream colored ponies

~Stunning~ another gorgeous palomino.is there any other kind? My absolute favorite horse! I've always always loved a palomino!

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Jennings & Gates: Notes from a Virginia Country House: Virginia Country from A to Z: E is for Equestrian Style

Banteng cow and calf. Females are smaller, tan in color, and have smaller horns than bulls of the species.

Super stoked about our new baby Banteng