Braiding idea that could even work on short hair - I've used this one on little kids too and it stays in pretty well if you have a secure enough clip.

Tye-dye tips curls Curls & color love her hair! Braiding idea that could even work on a short hair / Hair color obsession

Bow Knot Braid

hat hair braid braided fishtail fishtail braid bow hair bow bow braid braid bow SO CUTE!

This feels like a flash back!  We always did the upside down French braid in jr high lol!  I like it now for some interest and texture

French braid upside down. Bend over and start the French braid at the nape of your neck versus your forehead. It's pretty simple if you are proficient at French braids.---I NEED to learn how to french braid!

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101 Tips For a Better Hair Day

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