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Gourd Angel - Martha Boers - Dolls On Display At Conference…

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behind the small creamy mask was a heart shape face with wide bluiging eyes the color of sky blue.the girls hair was sooty black and quite unkmept.her lips were garent red and paitned from ear to ear.

Лариса Бабенко - by Larisa Babenko - could make story in dress

head piece Лариса Бабенко - by Larisa Babenko - could make story in dress

Tree Faun with Kimono Style Jacket by Akira Blount (copyright 2003 Akira Studios)

"Tree Faun with Kimono Style Jacket" by Akira Blount. Akira has passed away today. It sadens me. She was such a talent. I have for years enjoyed looking at her work.

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Wonderful Tribal Goddess Genie type art doll by Arley Berryhill


Lady Butterfly - Native American legend has it that, if we capture a butterfly and whisper a wish to her, she will carry it to the Great Spirit. By setting the butterfly free, we show respect for the balance of nature, and the wish will surely be granted.