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Cutest 5 year old party ever! Ponies for parties, carriage rides, miniature horse rides Southern California. Costume Horses Learn about

Perfect tail plaiting | Improve Your Riding | Your Horse

If you prefer a full tail, when it comes to show-time a top-notch tail plait…

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(link) 10 Totally Hug-able Mini Horses ~ Try not to collapse from the sheer cuteness of it all. The only thing more hug-able than a mini horse is a mini foal…and that's exactly what these people are doing.

so cute

This little miniature horse looks like a fluffy pig, lol!


How cute is this tiny piglet?i can answer this question it so cute piglet are my fav Animal they are so pick and furry I think piglet are furry 🐷

On the one hand, that's precious, on the other hand it might mean something's wrong with her...

The Only Horse That Sleeps Like This

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12 Animals That Prove Humans Aren’t the Only Ones with DadBods