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double-headed eagle coat of arms St. Roman Empire (17th century).

Virgil Solis HWG Wappen des HRR mit Putti / Manuscript illumination of historical arms of the Holy Roman Empire,

Imperial Orb, Holy Roman Empire (ca 1200; gold, precious and semi-precious stones). © Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.

The globe consists of gold foil over a resinous mass to give the chased hollow object additional strength. The four intersecting bands and upper pole

Charlemagne's Frankish Holy Roman Empire 800-814

Charlemagne's Frankish map but also other european maps through time

Mancomunidad del Campo de Gibraltar

Mancomunidad del Campo de Gibraltar

The Imperial Crown made for the coronation of Otto I, showing one of four enamel plaques representing King Solomon as the symbol of Wisdon, West German, late 10th century with later additions

Imperial Crown of Charlemagne - Official and Historic Crowns of the World and their Locations: Croatia 32 Austria 33 Czech Republic 34 Sweden 35 Finland 36

A British WWI Poster to help raise funds for the Belgian Red Cross. Illustrated by Charles Buchel and printed by Johnson, Riddle & Co., Ltd., London, S.E., c. 1915. The poster shows a Red Cross nurse,

Belgian Red Cross

Belgian Red Cross poster showing a Red Cross nurse, with angel wings, tending to a wounded soldier, against backdrop of Belgian flag. Date Created/Published: World War 1 recruitment poster.