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Beautiful jellyfish I love the watercolor tattoos that are becoming more popular. This jelly fish design is colorful and fantastic.

organic/ aquatic Jelly Fish  Designed by: brookemillerdesign.com

Bits of art found around the interweb (34 photos)

Cool tattoo idea, maybe in a watercolor design. Love the style and color, but no jellyfish please!

$14.95 Sea Beach Print Flannel Skidproof Water Absorb Carpet

Sea Beach Print Flannel Skidproof Water Absorb Carpet - L120cm*w40cm

Sea Beach Print Flannel Skid Resistance Water Absorb Carpet - so cool!

What Do Jellyfish Eat? Jelly fish are beautiful creatures. There is 90% of water in their bodies but still they flow along with the flow of water. These creatures eat meat and mate constantly. Jelly fish have certain things which they have in common with other animals.

What Do Jellyfish Eat? and All You need to Know about Type of Jellyfish Diet

Jellyfish Art (also known as jellies and sea jellies) are boneless animals that float freely through the world's oceans.