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I know this feeling all too well. But I thought it was gall bladder attacks.

There are major fundamental problems with Apple Maps. Instead of getting mad, have a laugh at them. Here are the top 5 Apple Maps photos.

Other Funny Gifs http://gif-tv.tumblr.com/ And Funny Youtube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQKw5m0I_qc

Brain: Slam the brakes

Not sure if waving at me or person behind me

that awkward moment.

I want it to be april again for one day. lol.

I Little April Fools Trick I Played On My Ex - The best funny pictures

funny-quote-gym-Facebook-people - i'm guilty of this too but .. this is pretty funny.

Funny pictures about It's OK not to tell anyone. Oh, and cool pics about It's OK not to tell anyone. Also, It's OK not to tell anyone.

Aragorn is just somebody i used to know

Aragorn is just somebody i used to know

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Funny pictures about Things to do when the Internet is down. Oh, and cool pics about Things to do when the Internet is down. Also, Things to do when the Internet is down photos.

Michael Phelps to be specific...

No joke Yup.

A) The Maya civilization collapsed around AD 900 and were not "wiped out" by the Spanish. Descendants are still very much alive.  B) That picture is a picture of the Aztec Sun Stone, which is not a calendar  C)The Maya never said the world will end--it's simply the beginning of a new 13 baktun cycle.   Just thought I'd clarify for my Pinterest friends...

WTF Appreciation Gallery

"Maybe if the spanish hadn't wiped them all out, the mayans would have completed their fucking calendar. Doomsday stfu and get back to work.ot my words but sooooo funny!

It's a hard truth.

Home poop most comfortably

lol..nope..never thought of that...til' now

Neil deGrasse Tyson (neiltyson) : Does it disturb anyone else that "The Los Angeles Angels" baseball team translates directly to "The The Angels Angels"?

story of my life...when you are a college student and an RA and you have free time, chances are you are forgetting something Lol

Futurama Fry: not sure if I actually have free time.

Annoying Childhood Friend: Let's flip a coin...

annoying childhood friend<<<<I'm that kid.

Lol too funny!