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my conscience has a British accent. im American. i have no accent. why >>>actually you still have an accent and i can hear my thoughts in english/american english or finnish. i am finnish.

You know you're addicted to Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil if you can hear Dan Howell saying that sentence above.

Reminds me of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. "I'm Harry. Just Harry." Except Phil managed fame without needing to survive an assassination attempt.

Precious little Phil we need to love him and protect him ❤️<<<he's too precious for this world<<<he's not just Phil he's AmazingPhil and he saved so many goddamn lives bless his soul smol bean I'm crafting ♥️♥️♥️

IM CRYING OMG!!!! He really should be part of one of these!

okay I think Dan&Phil should have a joint channel. not like there gaming channel like on where they make videos together. like they would on there own channels. because there already referred to as Dan&Phil so why tf not

True. That's why I'm always frustrated with fanfic a that have Dan beating up someone

When the coach asks if I understood the play

(gif) or the human embodiment of Winnie the Pooh [danisnotonfire]