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Did she say a buttah sock?-Zayn Is that a sock?-Liam Full of buttah?-Carly Does it involve the buttah sock?-Niall One of the only good parts of that

Haha! I actually saw a guy who looks just like Louis. I was at Six Flags (with @Amber Posey) when I saw him, and for a minute I was like "What in the world is Louis doing here?!" Then I realized it wasn't him. Just some guy lucky enough to look like him.

LOL For real ! And we WILL find you ! Because we're Directioners! If we can find the boys' blood types, we can find you boys.) WE GON FIND YOU


Wallpaper and background photos of Facts♥ for fans of One Direction images.

Liam <3 ya know what i hate? When interviewers ignore Liam and only focus on the other boys. It drives me redneck crazy! Like srsly he is the cutest sweetest awesomest person ever! Like Paul said he only has ine kidney because God couldn't find enough room for his big heart. Love you Daddy Direction!<3  #weloveliam #daddydirection

And that's what every directioner loves about them

One Direction<<< this is.... This made me cry therefore it is PERFECTION AND NEEDS TO SHOWN TO EVERYONE

so guys whats your favorite songs off of four? I like girl almighty, fool's gold, and Stockholm syndrome.

Omg they're up for best pop rock album against t-swift I am so excited to see the outcome right now!!!!!!!!

Check out all the hottest celebs arriving to the 2013 American Music Awards! Whose red carpet look is your favorite of the night?

So true lol #EleanorCalder #DaniellePeazer #PerrieEdwards

don't lie, you know it's true. As much as I wish I could be completely and utterly happy for them, I can't, because there's still that part of me that loves them.

Little Mix and One Direction= LOVE! 5 Seconds of Summer= LOVE!!!!!!!

Burst with excitement!

Little Mix and One Direction= LOVE! 5 Seconds of Summer= HATE WITH A PASSION!>>>>>>Um-erm excuse you but is amazing!

Barca jerseys!

One Direction>>> Niall wearing a Barcelona c.f shirt why Niall I hate Barcelona c.