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Pretty Maps (Chicago) by Aaron Straup Cope.search for your favourite place and it makes art out of the map.

prettymaps (sfba) - 20x200

Prettymaps (sfba)

prettymaps (sfba), by Aaron Straup Cope. Aaron worked at Stamen and created these beautiful maps of San Francisco.

Aaron Straup Cope's prettymaps (istanbul) - 20x200

Prettymaps (istanbul)

Beautiful art print "prettymaps (istanbul)" by Aaron Straup Cope.

MapCarte 61/365: PrettyMaps by Stamen Design, 2010

Aaron Straup Cope’s Pretty Maps series was partially exhibited at MoMA’s Talk To…

Refuge / 20x30" / ink on matte mylar

A specific interest in migration patterns developed alongside a general suspicion of statistical knowledge and the way subjective perceptions of our world can end up imposing one “reality” on impossibly diverse alternative truths. This natural tendency t…

Mate' cartography art print

Mate' Cartography Art Print by Justin Manocchia. Like this idea, it makes a map quite abstract.

Great Lakes Wood Chart - Large

Custom Wood Charts of The Great Lakes from Carved Lake Art: Nautical Gifts & Depth Charts

Pit City of Rudvik by ~Lukc on deviantART

A fantasy map of a D&D-ish town built around a . Pit City of Rudvik

I love the idea of decorating with maps and this map of the evolution of the mississipi is a really interesting one!!

Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River by Harold Fisk. Part of an otherwise technocratic report for the Army Corps of Engineers, Fisk’s fifteen maps of the historical traces of the Mississippi River are a triumph of information aesthetics.

This is an 1804 copy of perhaps the first ‘modern’ world map, made by the Venetian monk Fra Mauro in about 1450. It points south because 15th-century compasses were south-pointing. It shows the Portuguese discoveries in Africa and questioned the authority of medieval and classical sources. Intended for display in Venice, it emphasizes the feats of Marco Polo. The British East India Company commissioned this copy, thus implying that Britain was heir to the Portuguese empire.

Magnificent Maps: Cartography as Power, Propaganda, and Art

An 1804 copy of the first ‘modern’ world map, made by the Venetian monk Fra Mauro in about and more magnificent maps as power, propaganda, and art from The British Library.

"Asvirus 37" by Derek Lerner, original pen and ink #drawing #map #topography

ARTFINDER: Asvirus 37 by Derek Lerner - 2012 ink on paper mounted to wood panel x 8 x in. Wood panel is a re-purposed/recycled/reused/reclaimed cigar box and ready to hang.

okay, this is frickin neato: The organic quality of city development as viewed from a map parallels the beauty of nature.

pretty maps (boston), by Aaron Straup Cope. Would like this on my wall rightnow!