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Zenspirations™ by Joanne Fink - Sakura Of America ... Power To Express - Cool monograms with some patterning (aka doodling).  NOW I think I need to do an alphabet book...

nice little website with lettering, borders and frame ideas for pen doodling kids-art-class-inspired

Jessica Hische's daily drop cap project has been the highlight of my daily routine for a while. She's finally done. Admire.

Daily Drop Cap - Jessica Hische began her and final alphabet as part of her incredible daily drop cap project. Jessica has made the entire library freely usable for non-commercial projects.

How to applique alphabet letters with handy links to alphabet pdf printables.

Simple Applique Monograms with FREE printable letters

How to glitterize your stuff! A diy tutorial.  (via My World - Made By Hand: Mod Podging Glitter)

DIY Glitter Letters {Mod Podge}

How to modge podge glitter that wont fall off.Im sure Ill be glad I pinned this someday mod-podge-ideas

These are great letter templates - I used them for princess tees for the girls.  I used fabric paint around the edges to seal and accent the letter

Simple Applique Monograms with FREE printable letters

Patterns for every letter in the alphabet in both upper and lower case. Great for DIY sewing craft or any project requiring a letter template.This is my Baby Banner!

Alphabet (yes, I realize it says something about linking to machine embroidery... but that's not how I plan to use the "B.")

Ornamental Monogram Machine Embroidery Font in 4 Sizes

Looking for embroidery patterns for a set of tea towels I picked up... Like this one!

Monogram for Hand Embroidery: Letter B

Whole alphabet for monograms. can be used to hand monogram, paint or stencil. There are several different monogram alphabets here!

RomanPrintVariouslyShaded Published October 11, 2011 at 500 × 938 in Extinct Typeface (c.1800)

I love this font design! The design is intricate, yet not overwhelming and each letter has its own unique pattern. Very creative!

A magnetic alphie safe for under 3's!  This such a simple but perfect idea!  And, you can make it any size for little chubby hands.

How To Make Plush Alphabet Magnets

Free Printable Fancy monogram: Link to Antique Pattern Library, all letters available

Fancy monogram: Link to Antique Pattern Library - FREE - patterns for all kinds of needlework (crochet, lace, embroidery, paper, just tons).

Quilled Paisley Monogram | Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom #paper crafts, #quilling, #monogram

Quilled Paisley Monogram Tutorial