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baby puppy goes down stairs!

Baby Ella's attempt going down stairs.

Stairs are hard.Journey of life even hard than the stairs.

aww little guy

A Cute, Sad Looking Labrador Puppy Labrador Puppy Poster

A Cute, Sad Looking Labrador Puppy - Labrador Puppy - NO! Don't be sad, you're to cute😂❤️

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Baby Animals on

funny dog pictures - Will you lay down with me until I fall asleep? This is totally my baby

Sleeping like a boss... and Yoda.

Sleeping like a boss... and Yoda.

"According to a Bassett Hound.no one needs to exercise - instead they should Napercise"~ Dog Shaming shame - Bassett Hound puppy

Hard to believe my Corgi was this little at one time

almost an exact picture of Mandi. She's Fawn colored and that little doggy toy is green lol I miss when she was a puppy!

Did you know silver labs are actually bred by two dogs that are related. Such as, 'mother-son' 'brother-sister'... Sick people! You'll think twice when you see a 'silver lab'

Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy, this is the dog were getting. devin wants a chocolate lab but i love the silver!

Puppies with their stuffed animals

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