Jensen Ackles ♥◡♥ at the Saturn Awards 2016 CREDITS to the owner ;) Awards June 2016 in Burbank, California

Good morning?....No.  **This is also me, before my a.m. Tim Hortons coffee!!**

More BedHead, and one of the best frowny faces in the history of forever. Love it when they show them in the morning!

Scruffy Jensen <3 & look at those beautiful eyes!

HD Wallpaper and background photos of NFL Madden VIP Party for fans of jared padalecki and jensen ackles images.

Vitória <3

Jensen Ackles-- 2 thoughts come to mind when I see this. First, if Dean Winchester was the last thing I saw, I'd die happy. I must have become a supernatural creature at one point for him to shoot me.

Shower Scene Dean is my new favorite thing.  I want this as wallpaper on everything.  #SPN  9.18  Meta Fiction

Shower Scene Dean is my new favorite thing. If only the camera had come back a bit further, and down.

Gosh his face is heartbreaking.

I could never get mad a Dean. I was a little irritated when he insisted the killer was the witch despite the lack of evidence. But I'll give him a pass for his emotional state as a result of his mom leaving.