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Learn why these Jackson, Mississippi, women make indoor cycling classes a weekly fitness routine.

Must-Have Gear For Spin Class

Must-Have Gear For Indoor Cycling Class

What to Take to Indoor Cycling Class

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Spin Class but Were Afraid to Ask

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Spin Class but Were Afraid to Ask

2012 Fitness: 8 Innovative Workouts featured in Los Angeles Confidential Magazine. The Studio (MDR) and head trainer Ky Evans, who they refer to as "something of an LA workout god.

17 apps to help you get fit - lolo makes beautiful and easy-to-use mobile applications that combine fitness and music.

BeatBurn Indoor Cycling Trainer - Low Impact Cross Training for Runners and Weight Loss en App Store

Because it is so hard!!

One of the most efficient demanding low impact cardio suitable for fitness at all level.

How to survive an indoor cycling class #ambassador

How to Survive Your First Indoor Cycling Class

#TRX Exercise – It’ Time to Try Something New

your bodyweight and gravity. You do not need much to get the most out of a TRX exercise. All you need is a weight machine, monkey bars, or a sturdy pole

Group Cycling Secrets: 5 Ways to Spin Like a Pro - @SHAPE magazine

5 Tips to Spin Like a Pro

The studio is dimly lit, killer legs abound, and everyone’s pedaling in unison to the high-energy (and high-decibel) music. When it comes to group fitness classes, group cycling rates high on the

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Builds Muscles: Spinning is best for building muscles and toning the butt and thighs. It burns a lot of fat and focuses on the abdominal muscles. One of my favourite workouts!

I eat like it's my job and I am employee of the month!

I work out for the sole purpose of eating more. Don't judge me. gym humor, funnies, gym funny Huber and I all the time

Body PUMP = perfect start to the weekend <3 I tried this workout for the first time on Wednesday, three days later I still can barely move.

Body Pump - resistance workout training - focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, youll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning. Burn on average 560 calories every 60 minute class.

De Plank.....meest effectieve oefening voor je hele lichaam.

Here are the muscles you work when you’re planking. Great picture for anyone who hates planks to show what they are really working! ~I swear a plank works my body more than anything I do, I feel it for days. I hate planks cause I suck at them