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The Man in Black Johnny Cash Holding Kitten with Big Smile 8 x 10 Photo


this is your road of happiness sheep. enjoy your journey. because life is the journey.


Whether you believe in God or not does not matter so much, whether you believe in Buddha or not does not matter so much. You must lead a good life. - His Holiness the Dalai Lama and friend

Shy Damsel...

Hide 'n' peek! The damselfly who thought he was hidden. but was given away by his bug eyes

Just another day in south Africa

The stark beauty of a Giraffe and an Acacia tree on the African savanna.

Johnny Cash shaking an inmate's hand at Folsom Prison, 1968.

My favourite Johnny Cash album. Johnny Cash performing at Folsom Prison, 1968

Freddie with his cats Oscar and Tiffany.

Freddie with his cats Oscar and Tiffany

Freddie Mercury with his cats, Oscar and Tiffany - when you see "celebrities" posing with either cats or tigers or lions cheetahs or black panthers that symbolizes that are under the mk ultra mind control programming beta sex slave programming.

Errol Flynn and his first mate/yacht mascot :)

Errol Flynn and his first mate/yacht mascot :)

Firemen who help animals too are my heroes

her expression in that last picture - amazing. Faith in humanity restored

Cash being cool as shit - Imgur

Cash being cool as shit

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Johnny Cash

Remembering Johnny Cash – ‘Jackson’ Performed Live By Johnny and June Carter Cash

President Lincoln and his cat....

Abraham Lincoln, pictured here with his cat Dixie, was famous for his love of cats.

Johnny to June

A letter from Johnny Cash to June Carter

Love Letter to June Carter from Johnny Cash - included in "House of Cash" by John Carter Cash Ha ha, love how he ended it. "The ring of fire still burns around you and I, keeping our love hotter than a pepper sprout"