My child will grow up knowing about Harry Potter. And then on their 11th birthday they will receive an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. I will then take them to the train station and point to the platform between 9 and 1o, and let them go

Little Potter

Harry Potter Costume- so cute! I would die if I could have my son dress like this for Halloween when he's older!

Pieces by Polly: Hogwarts Quilt with Crest - Harry Potter Inspired

Pieces by Polly: Hogwarts Quilt with Crest - Harry Potter Inspired - order a custom quilt or find patterns and tutorials for a DIY project

MAD RESPECT indeed!   Ms J. K. Rowlings was writing her first book HARRY POTTER in a house whose roof was leaking water here and there.  She was VERY poor and in debts with a son. She knows truly what poverty is like.  And now she is rich, she does not forget her status.   A TRUE HEROINE!

Jk Rowling is an amazing woman omg I love her she's like my hero and I look up to her

awe<< my poor baby. It's heartbreaking for us too, because that means we'll never see you as Harry ever again.

"I'll never have that piece of makeup on again, ever." Such a powerful quote by Daniel Radcliffe on the ending of the Harry Potter saga. This makes me sad.

Then and now

“Every opportunity I will get for the rest of my life, I would not have got if it wasn’t for Harry Potter. And it would be the height of ingratitude if I was ever anything but proud to be associated with these films.” - Daniel Radcliffe <----- This Guy!

He probably should have just quit while he was ahead because no one will be able to see him as anyone but Harry Potter. Or at least I won't. He will always be Harry Potter to me.  .....Too bad I missed pin #394.

I'm no wadjet part 38 (cause so many are asking- I'm the-imgurian on tumblr :))

How Harry would have looked if Lily married Snape. :) Harry Potter humor god, he was in Frankenstein?

Como se divide la sociedad en la mente de un lector.

I'm sorry, but I freaking love a Mean Girl meme that is Mean Girls quotes on something completed not Mean Girls. Also see the Disney and mean girls mash up it is perf