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Piano Birthday Cake My father-in-law asked me to make a cake for my mom-in-law just 2 days before her birthday. She loves to play the piano.

Piano Cake

Piano Cake

This piano cake was made for a piano man! This has to have been one of the simplest cakes I have ever made, but I had a lot of fun doing it! I did my best to place the keys the way they appear on a real piano.

pink piano cake in heart shape

Piano and guitar shaped cakes Nothing can be better than having a red piano-shaped birthday cake. It is so romantic and impressive.

Pretty Piano Cake

Ivory grand piano wedding cake wrapped in modeling chocolate and decorated with piped chocolate and gold dust by Wicked Goodies

Piano Cake

I made this piano as a thank you gift for a very special music teacher. It involved more research than I had expected but I think it was worth it. The piano itself, except for the lid, is completel.

i want this cake for my 18th birthday. It's so pretty, I wouldn't want to destroy it though. :(

Piano cake I made for a very close friend in I made this in my first 6 months of decorating, took me about 12 hours to finish and him and I were both absolutely delighted with the final cake,.